North Jutland University Foundation’s Innovation Prize 2019 awarded to Taewoong Lee

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We are extremely proud to announce that Audio Analysis Lab member Taewoong Lee has been awarded the North Jutland University Foundation’s Innovation Prize for his innovative work on sound zones. He received the award during the annual Ph.D. graduation ceremony on January 25 2019. In his work, he has developed a novel and general method capable of generating a number of sound zones in an acoustic environment (e.g., a living room or a car cabin) using a number of loudspeakers. In his method, auditory perception is taken into account and the tradeoff between the quality of the desired reproduced sound field within a zone and the interference from other zones can be controlled.

The North Jutland University Foundation’s Innovation Prize, which is comprised of DKK 50,000, is awarded annually by the foundation board in recognition and support of a PhD student. The student is recognised for having major innovation potential in their research area and is expected to contribute significantly to strengthening Denmark as a knowledge society. Particular emphasis is given to innovation, business potential, and solutions for specific societal needs and problems.

You can learn more about the award here.

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